I love art because I’ve been around it all my life. My grandfather was a commercial illustrator, my mother was an art director, my father was a master printer, my brother is a jeweler, my husband is a photographer. (Even my daughter, though she won’t admit it.)

I grew up in a house filled of art. Works by Jasper Johns, Jim Dine, and the other artists my father worked with, along with the art my parents collected over the years covered the walls. Now the walls of my own house are filled with art, and there’s more in the basement and in drawers, ready to be rotated in.

I want to help you to get your art – photos of your family, kid’s artwork, maps, whatever – all up on your walls so that everyone who comes over can see it all, can remember it, and enjoy it every day. Trust me, art looks much better on a wall than in a drawer.